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Join over

30,000 customers using Ok menu

World’s easiest contactless menu to use.

Join over 30,000 customers using Ok menu

POS system

Manage your restaurant's operations seamlessly from anywhere, keep track of sales, and streamline your services, all in real-time.

Order Display System

Say goodbye to order mix-ups. Our digital order system displays customer orders directly on your system, enabling your kitchen staff to coordinate with the service or delivery team effortlessly.

Customer relationship management system

A system that analyzes your customers' data to create discounts and offer rewards through loyalty programs.

Online payment and billing solutions

- A secure online payment system that can be linked to your cashier application & accept all bank card transactions, with daily settlements to your bank account.
- Provide your customers with multiple options and activate them with ease (Mada, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard)
- Compliant with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Connect with delivery companies

At our company, we specialize in establishing strong and beneficial partnerships between your restaurant and the leading delivery service providers in the industry. Our primary goal is to help you expand your customer reach and increase your sales, all without charging any commission fees.

Online booking

Book more, stress less with our efficient reservation solution. Our online booking system simplifies reservations for both your customers and your team. Customers can secure their table with just a few clicks. this system offers an organized approach to managing busy days, ensuring smooth operations and a pleasant dining experience for all.

تجربة المستخدم

ما الذي يميز نظامنا

انضم الى العديد من الزبائن الراضيين عن خدماتنا

صمم قائمة مطعمك على ذوقك

نوفر إمكانية التخصيص وإضافة كل الأطباق والصور وتحديثها في أي وقت

QR-Code خاصية الطلب الذاتي لعميلك من خلال ​

عميلك يقدر يطلب أونلاين عن طريق مسح QR code الخاص بقائمتك والطلب مباشرة من مطبخك

متلائم مع جميع الأجهزة

يمكن استخددامه من الحاسوب أو الموبايل أو الآيباد

What makes our system special

Customize your restaurant menu

Full access to customize your dishes & images, add meat sources and calories, and update them at any time

Self-ordering feature for your customer through a QR-Code.

Your customer can order online by scanning the QR code of your menu and order directly from your kitchen

Compatible with all devices

You can use it with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Pricing plans made for everyone

Join over 30,000 customers using Ok menu

2 years offer



3200 Riyal


Mobile application

Cashier system

Electronic reservation system

Payment and billing system

1 year offer



2900 Riyal


Mobile Application

Cashier system

Electronic reservation system

Payment and billing system