Our features will take you to Mars while your competitors are still on earth 🚀

Our features will take you to Mars while your competitors are still on earth


Dark Mode

Give night lovers of your customers the ability to Go dark with the dark mode option in their web app. No bright screens for them anymore.

Menu Customization

Say goodbye to your same old menu, because now you have the ability to customize it to fit the occasion at any moment.

QR Customization

Okmenu allows you to customize your very own QR code by using the features we provide.



We Speak Your Language

We are confident that our menu creations for your business will guarantee strong statements from your customers. Boost your communication options and keep up with your customers at all times through 40 different languages.

Queue and Reservation​

Make the booking process easier and allow your customers to feel privileged at all times.
Your customers will never choose eating at home over enjoying their meal at their favorite restaurant. They will never worry about waiting in lines because you will have the best and most organized queue and reservation system.

Kitchen Display System​

Increase your service speed. Your customers will never starve! Okmenu will give you tremendous service speed compared to any other. Your customer’s orders are just a click away from the kitchen.

Okmenu Cloud​

Your pictures and videos for your menu will automatically be saved in your cloud. No need for flash drives and phone storage, you can access your visuals from any device through your account.

Online Payment

We allow you and your customers to follow the trend of paying online. More than 50% of people prefer to pay digitally based on a survey held by google in 2017.


Pamper your customers by giving them promotions on their favorite products. You have the ability to make discounts and promotions on your products. Through this, you can simply gain the love and trust you need from your customers for your business to thrive.

Data Entry

Who says you have to enter your data and fill out your menu on your own? We will lift the weight off your shoulders by creating your data-filled menu in no time.


Most frequent questions and answers

From a business-end point of view, OkMenu will help you manage your products whether to categorize them, add or remove items, prioritize them and trace their sales as well. From a customer-end point of view, OkMenu will present your products in the best representation possible and manage ordering them as well.

Yes, you can customize your QR code with your brand colors or based on an event like valentines ♥️.

You can upload pictures and videos.

Yes, we already have feedbacks in mobile app.

You have 40 different languages to reach as much customers as you can. Our languages are; Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Bengali, Chinese, Croatian, Catalan, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hindi, Hausa, Hungarian, Italy, Japanese, Kazakh, Kurdish, Khmer, Korean, Laos, Mongolian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese. 

Yes, you can filter your menu from A to Z and the other way around.

We accept PayPal, KNet, American Express, SADAD, BenefitPay, Mastercard, Visa, UAE Debit, QPAY, WireTransfer and Fawry.

We promise to provide the safest and easiest Online payment integration.

Yes, you can use Siri to order.

It allows you to view the wait time and join the queue list by simply entering your name and phone number.

No app installation required to view the mobile menu. 

You absolutely can, we are pleased to be there for you 24/7. You can access your menu whenever you want to design it by yourself or you can contact us for help.

Yes, we will add your menu in your business page. Your clients will be able to see all the details about your business and contact you right away.

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