Our Promise

To provide the most actionable menu for your business. 

Our aha! moment 💡

It all started in 2016, we were a group of friends highly passionate and amazed by the digital world. We have always believed that the world will keep on contemplating and appreciating digital solutions. Our thoughts gathered around supporting the idea of a rising need of an impressive solution that will take restaurants hospitality to another level and offer their customers the best experience they deserve.
According to Simon Senek, “People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it.”
Mohamed Arab, the mastermind behind Okmenu was the victim of receiving a wrong order while having a bad day. For some people that might seem tolerable but for a food lover who enjoys every single bite of his meal that was a disaster, especially If they’re HUNGRY! Mohamed Arab’s hunger was not only for food, he was always hungry for success and refused ordering it from anywhere! he decided to cook it himself! Okmenu was born!
At first, Mohamed consulted his friends, us, who later became Okmenu team and family! We kicked off a survey to evaluate the need of a digital solution for people annoyed by restaurants’ mistakes whether it was dining in, take away or even delivery! Results came out shocking; 89.7% voted YES! Surprisingly. As Mohamed Arab says: “Valuable information comes from people that matter most to businesses, the consumers” this is what drives us to improve every single day and constitutes the root of our success.
And if you want to be a part of the future and ahead of your competitors you only have a single bridge that takes you there: Okmenu!

How we have evolved

We’re so much more than just a digital menu. We are committed to helping you grow and we want to be a part of your success story because we have been through this process before. Through our process we grew our product that was only for restaurants to cover more than 10 business types now. We started with a very basic menu and a lot of missing  features and now here we are.

Ready to get started?

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