How does a digital menu enhance a customer’s experience?

Digital menus enhance the customer experience by displaying visuals and letting them place orders even faster during the busiest hours. The comfort and the convenience that digital menus provide helps exceed the overall dining experience of the customers. Digital menus promote efficiency by speeding up the order-taking process. You can also view pictures and play interactive videos on the display menu. This is also a great way of keeping the customers waiting for a seat entertained.

How does a digital menu help save money from a business owner’s perspective?

Unlike regular menus, digital menus end the requirement to design, print and reprint menus whenever new items are added to the menu, which helps save business owners a great amount of money. A digital menu can be easily edited and changed at any place or time. It gives you the opportunity to be dynamic with your menu and allows you to customize it according to your theme and style.

How to increase an upsell in business using digital menus:

Digital menus help you upsell your menu items without being forceful. Using high-quality pictures of the items on the menu can tempt customers into buying the items. They also offer an involving experience for the customers. You can also customize and display the items or promotional deals. For example, customers will find a mouthwatering picture of a salad along with a combo meal more interesting. Instead of the waiter asking them to add a salad with that combo during the order-taking process, you can present a picture of a delicious salad with the combo meal while customers are placing orders. Customers prefer making their own choices when placing an order instead of having someone tell them what to choose. Updating your menu into a digital menu will help you upsell and increase customer count.

How can digital menus simplify the time used to recreate new menus for different courses of the day?

If you have a time-specific menu that separates breakfast, lunch and dinner options, you know how time consuming it can be to keep changing the paper menu on each table. Having a digital menu will help you take control of this issue by easily swiping your fingers on your digital technology to change the menu throughout the day. Having a separate menu for different times of the day could be something that your restaurant represents and being popular for. This will give the customers more reasons to come to your restaurant to try different menu items throughout the day.

How can digital menus differentiate the situation from regular paper- menu ordering?

According to POSist’s PRIME Report, it was shown that 33% of restaurants have started using e-menus through a QR code. QR based ordering keeps a low percentage of contact between the customers and servers, preserving safe social distancing. A digital menu allows your customers to view the menu and place orders without touching the menu card. Customers can simply scan the QR code and the menu opens up on their mobile phone without the need of downloading an app. This ensures a smooth contactless experience and also accommodates the rules of social distancing in the area. Updating the menu from time to time will only show the available food items and avoid any confusion. This will help limit your menu and allow the patrons to make right decisions which would leave them satisfied and keep them coming back.


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